This week we propose a short trip, back to the England of the 60s decade, in which we can find a musical effervescence, as folk and blues emerge to the popular taste, and as a result there are formed tons of new bands which have the opportunity to perform in some of the uncountable clubs newly opened in London and other cities. Blues was know by british since decades, but it wasn’t until the beginnings of this decade that american blues players started to perform in english lands, helping to develop this wave of british bands, such as The Yardbirds, Led Zeppelin, The Rolling Stones or Fleetwood Mac, being the main subjects of the later arrival to the States known as the ‘British Invasion‘, and evolving to the succesful Rythm and Blues later on the 70s.

We’ll focus on this last band today. Founded on the year 1967 by guitar player Peter Green, playing some blues rock and getting a considerable success with their first homonym record. Eventually, and after the release of their second record and some EPs, in 1969 they released a compilation called ‘English Rose’, being the first published record of the band in USA, which was later followed by a third record, ‘Then Play On‘, a progressive rock album and also the last one where Green was involved. The importance of this ‘English Rose’ resides in the early success on the states, being later broken apart, and under a new formation, reborn as a soft/pop rock formation.

  1. Stop Messin’ Round
  2. Jigsaw Puzzle Blues
  3. Doctor Brown
  4. Something Inside Me
  5. Evenin’ Boogie
  6. Love That Burns
  7. Black Magic Woman
  8. I’ve Lost My Baby
  9. One Sunny Day
  10. Without You
  11. Coming Home
  12. Albatross