Sometimes a new artist just pops up on your daily life, and opens a whole new variety of tastes and horizons. This is something that has happened to me previously with a lot of artists, and the latest one on this personal list is Josh Edwards, aka Blanco White.

The london-based musician studied guitar in Spain and learnt some latin american instruments in Bolivia, such as Charango and Ronroco. Since 2014, he started his solo project, in which he matches both sounds and develops a whole new folk style, together with his unique voice, which adds a raw and emotional feel. I couldn’t think of a better project for these last days of summer, and ‘Colder Heavens’, the second EP, is a great way to get in first touch with Josh’s voice.

  1. Colder Heavens
  2. El Búho
  3. Outsider
  4. Lie Alone