We organize new plans every day; some of them fail, but those that work may become very important in our life. If there is a band that had no doubts about what its plan was, that is Death Cab for Cutie.

Back in 2005, the American indie-pop band published its fifth album, Plans (Atlantic Records). When you listen to this album, you can visualize a single story for every song. It is an invitation to your imagination to create a set of short movies from this marvelous soundtrack. I have experienced this in different occasions. Even though listening to these songs implies is conditioned by your current mood , I’ll try to give a few examples of this particular storytelling.

The album starts with Marching Bands of Manhattan and Soul Meets Body, two songs that appear to claim those thoughts that keep hurting ourselves. Summer Skin, Different Names for the Same Thing and I Will Follow You Into the Dark keep singing tunes about sadness, loneliness and a desperate love that fades away in the darkness of an empty room, just like in Your Heart Is An Empty Room. However, you may never allow those thoughts to let you down because as Benjamin Gibbard brilliantly sings, Someday You Will Be Loved. Other songs such as Crooked Teeth, What Sarah Said or Brothers In A Hotel Bed (a modern Lannister’s theme song?) are golden tickets to keep walking at that mystic place where your imagination rules. The trip that has been planned by the band continues with Stable Song, then it “Start Again” to finish at Bad Reputation.

I just love all the songs from this record. Gibbards’ voices and guitars, and Walla’s guitar, keyboards and production are the best features to highlight. If you have no plan for this Friday, give Death Cab for Cutie a try.

  1. Marching Bands of Manhattan

  2. Summer Skin

  3. Soul Meets Body

  4. Different Names for the Same Thing

  5. I Will Follow You Into the Dark

  6. Your Heart Is An Empty Room

  7. Someday You Will Be Loved

  8. Crooked Teeth

  9. What Sarah Said

  10. Brothers In A Hotel Bed

  11. Stable Song

  12. Start Again

  13. Bad Reputation