I discovered Kid Rock the first time I listened to a song called All Summer Long, a song that had a strong bond to Sweet Home Alabama by Lynyrd Skynyrd. I must admit I was confused, what a particular artist Kid Rock was. But even though my first approach to this singer was conditioned by the fact that I was a great supporter of Lynyrd Skynyrd music, and that song was just like a joke for me, I gave him a second chance. Luckily for me, I listened to Born Free.

When I try to define Kid Rock’s style, I struggle to be appropriate enough. This is because this artist is capable of singing many different styles, mix them with sense and create unique songs. Rap, blues, rock (it may seem pretty obvious), and country. In my opinion, he is definitely a country boy. Born Free (Atlantic, 2012) is one of those albums that have changed my life, not only once, but every time I listen to it. In this album, Kid Rock presents a brilliant couple of songs. Born Free, the first song of the album and also the one that gives the name to it tells us a story about a boy who is traveling far, no matter what, searching for the freedom he was born for. Immediately after this travel, on Slow My Roll, Kid Rock sings us a boy who has had enough of experiencing such a freedom, it is time to settle down, talk to the loved ones, start again… well you know, is there a better way than a country song to forgive a soul?

Care, is a beautiful collaboration between Kid Rock, Mary J. Blige and T.I. We may not be able to change the world, but at least we can care about the things we think are important in life. Purple Sky is a clear statement “I just wanna do this until I think I’m satisfied”. When It Rains is one my favorite tunes on this album, it is just absolutely stunning. I’ll let you listen to it without giving you any more details, if you like country music then you’ll love this song. God Bless Saturday is just the moment of the day when anything but your beer matters.

Bob Seger, Sheryl Crow & Kid Rock is equal to a perfect song. What a great story is told in Collide, with great piano (thank you Mr. Seger), and vocal harmonies that make us feel like if we were in a real bar from Texas, drinking beers while talking about football, but at the same time feeling empty, feeling so alone until you roll the dice, until you give a chance to love again. Flyin’ High is a song that is played with Zac Brown (great country musician, too).

Once we have listened to Kid Rock singing about how life must be for a country boy, we find a very personal song related to Rock’s hometown, Detroit. By the time Times Like These was published, Detroit was suffering the pressure, damages and struggles of the burst of the financial bubble. Kid Rock found an incredible way to demonstrate his love for the city, for what it represents, for what it mean to those who were born and raised there. Incredible song. Just in case you didn’t have enough, another country ballad is presented in Rock On. Move forward, there’s is nothing you could lose, but the last opportunity to find your path.

Eleventh song in the album, a country blues, “oh yeah”. Rock Bottom Blues does feel good Mr. Rock. Finally, For The First Time (In A Long Time) “Life’s been kind, water tastes like wine”.

In my opinion, this album has a great quality of sound, especially for the drums and guitars. Kid Rock sings the way he really knows and the lyrics are just amazing. It is a great artist I would recommend to anyone in this world.

PS: I needed time, but All Summer Long is not a joke to me anymore; it is a hit.

  1. Born Free
  2. Slow My Roll
  3. Care (Feat Mary J. Blide & T.I.
  4. Purple Sky
  5. When It Rains
  6. God Bless Saturday
  7. Collide (Feat Sheryl Crow & Bob Seger on piano)
  8. Flyin’ High (Feat Zac Brown)
  9. Times Like These
  10. Rock On
  11. Rock Bottom Blues
  12. For The First Time (In A Long Time)