I have to be honest, I don’t want to write today. At the same time I am preparing this article, all TV news relate a terrible terrorist attack that has happened in Barcelona. I don’t believe what I hear, all the sad faces that I see, it’s hard, but at the same time is real. I don’t understand why; I don’t know how to feel. I wonder how far will human beings go, how many hate will we be able to store inside our hearts, and how many times will we have to make the same mistakes until we learn to share peacefully the world we live in. You will forgive me if I don’t immediately focus on writing about music, but my heart, soul and all my thoughts are in Barcelona.

On a day in which the tears, the pain felt by the victims, families and friends occupy everyone’s thoughts, I feel that I have to talk about an album that has been able to portray a renewed view of the human society and the world, as a new opportunity to rise together, with hope and faith for the days to come.

Atlántico (Esmerarte, 2012) is the first album of the Spanish songwriter Xoel López as a solo artist. I have chosen this project due to its simplicity and greatness. Xoel and his guitar are just the perfect combination bringing to all listeners peace, hope in those who are creative, in those who make a great effort everyday to help and support others, to make people laugh and love, to make this world a better place to dream in.

Songs as Tierra, Buenos Aires, Hombre de ninguna Parte or Joven Poeta are good examples of the great talent that belongs to this musician. All the lyrics are written as poems, with a huge burden of feelings, sense and sensibility. Listening to this album is a lovely experience everyone should live when trying to find a better place to stay for a while. It’s a beautiful private journey such as taking a walk in the park when all autumn leaves fall, like living every day loving, not hating.

Today, I could have recommended any album, any artist, any song that was able to inspire a strong desire to love, to hug and to help those who are in need. I finish this article thinking about all the hate that surrounds us, not being able to understand what pushes some human beings to cover the world under the shadow of fear. Hate only brings more hate, indeed. Can you imagine how wonderful the world would be just if only human beings decided to create more songs and stories, inventing new ways to smile, to bring happiness to others, turn tears into funny moments and just love. By listening to artists such as Xoel López, we may find new reasons to live peacefully.

  1. Hombre de ninguna parte
  2. La gran montaña
  3. Por el viejo barrio
  4. Caballero
  5. Buenos Aires
  6. De piedras y arena mojada
  7. La boca del volcán
  8. Desafinando amor
  9. Postal de Nueva York
  10. Tierra
  11. Joven Poeta
  12. El asaltante de estaciones