I am staring in front of the shelf that contains all the records I have been collecting since I started feeling attracted by the idea of buying every single album I liked. A song on the radio, an unknown band in a concert, an article on the papers or any other situation was a good opportunity to find new music, purchase an album and deep in it to discover its secrets. The room is in an absolute silence, and I can only regret of not being able to choose what to listen to and not having any clue about what to write about today. A lot of great names such as Dylan, Joplin or James Taylor are waiting to be chosen, but I am trying to find something particularly special. I put my eyes on James Taylor’s One Man Band album again and I think a little bit more about this surname. I know a Scottish band which is full of “Taylor” musicians, Dropkick.

Paper Trails (Sound Asleep Records, 2012) is one of the best albums I have listened to in a long time. I feel quite obligated to talk about it as it came to me in a moment I was desperately in need of new music, the kind of songs that make you drive hundreds of miles singing along under a true smile on your face.

Words Best Left is the first song of the album. Beautiful voices, powerful rhythm guitars, bass and drums that mix perfectly together, and a stunning analogue synth. As we can find out while listening to this song we are about to discover an album that contains gorgeous vocal harmonies which turn to be one of the bands’ iconic features. Until I Fall Away, Ponytail, It Could Be Our Way or Annabelle are other incredible songs from this album.

Brothers Andrew and Alastair Taylor were in charge of the vocals and guitars that appear in this album. Ian Grier provided great lines on the bass and Mike Foy did a pretty good job on the drums. Dropkick created a power-pop album that I would recommend to any person in this world that wants to have a good time while listening to an outstanding band.

  1. Words Best Left
  2. Until I Fall Away
  3. Ponytail
  4. In Your Past
  5. Going Where You’re Going
  6. Paper Trails
  7. It Could Be Our Way
  8. Close To You
  9. Taking My Cue
  10. Hang Around
  11. Waited A Long Time
  12. Another Day
  13. Annabelle
  14. Already Out