Hey folks! It’s Friday, it’s Summer and it’s hot, what could go wrong? You may all agree with me when I say that Fridays bring with them a sweet mood that makes you feel quite excited. Such a day should be accompanied by a proper soundtrack, which turns to be no other than She & him.

Zooey Deschanel is not just the pretty blue eyed girl from the valley who has become a celebrity for the fact that she is a famous actress, she is also a great musician. She & him is the project of Matt Ward and Deschanel that started back in 2006 and materialized in 2008 thanks to the release of their first album together, Volume I. I have to admit that every time I hear that a famous actor or actress is working on a brand new musical career, I’m drowned with scepticism. But Zooey Deschanel has demonstrated that she does not fit the stereotype we are used to when talking about Hollywood celebs.

She & him is a great collaboration between two musicians that seek to revive the old sound of the 1960’s country classics by performing their songs under a modern approach. Volume I, Volume II, Volume III, Classics and their Christmas specials are all the albums that have been created by this duo. It hasn’t been easy to choose between those albums in order to write this review, but in the end, I have chosen Volume II.

Volume Two (Merge records, 2010) is the second studio album by She & Him. You may think that it has got a simple title, but in my opinion, it is just perfect to understand the simplicity that has always been related to this project. Easy guitars with beautiful arrangements, female choirs and mellow melodies are the principal features of all the songs in this album. While listening to these songs, we can also find keyboards, slow drums and acoustic guitars.

In general, the main topic of this album is love. Not only the summer smiles, kisses and good vibes of being in love with that special person, but also the weaknesses of loving someone and not being able to live it the way you thought it would be. In songs such as Thieves, In The Sun or Don’t Look Back, we are told about those stories that did not end so well. After those songs, Lingering Still talks about a girl who wants to feel what she believes, but sometimes she can’t. Me and You, is quite clear in the end when Zooey sings “There are so many things we’d like to have, but we just cannot hold” and it serves a great representation of the tone expressed in this album.

Other songs like Over it Over Again, Brand New Shoes or If You Can’t Sleep complete the storytelling of a particular path to melancholy. Even though it talks about those things we hate about being in love, the album hasn’t got a sad tone. I can imagine myself driving an American car down to Los Angeles while listening to Volume II alone as if I didn’t need to love anyone but myself.

It’s Friday, it is Summer, it is hot and Volume II is absolutely stunning.

  1. Thieves
  2. In The Sun
  3. Don’t Look Back
  4. Ridin’ In My Car
  5. Lingering Still
  6. Me And You
  7. Gonna Get Along Without You Now
  8. Home
  9. I’m Gonna Make It Better
  10. Sing
  11. Over It Over Again
  12. Brand New Shoes
  13. If You Can’t Sleep